LGBT+ Support

What are support groups?
They are meetings to support any person over 18 who may be going through a difficult time or someone who just wants to have a chat and not be judged.
Why attend?
Why not, just give it a try and also meet like minded people who support each other having a chat and a cuppa. Also to have the opportunity not only to receive support but also to give it.
Do they help?
Talking always helps but it’s surprising how much just listening helps. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to people who are close to you. Sometimes we just don’t want to talk but that’s fine.
What can I expect?
A friendly welcome with a cup of tea/coffee with a biscuit . No obligation to talk other than to say hello. Leave if it’s not right for you and the opportunity not only to get support but also to give it. Also there is no harm in trying.
What does it cost?
Nothing, so why not give it a go, it might just help you and will definitely help others.
No need to book, no referral necessary and always FREE to attend

This group is NOT currently meeting for the foreseeable future, due to facilitator availability


Please continue to check our social media and this page for updates

The Roger Morris Centre at Eastrop

Eastrop Way,


RG21 4QE

Meet every Thursday

7:30pm – 9:30pm


For more info about our groups or to start one in your area, please email us at: