Understanding Mental Health & Peer Support (3hrs)

Understanding Mental Health And Peer Support (3hours)

Min 8 – Max 20 people

Course Topics:

Understanding mental health and what it is

Realising the rising figures of suicide and people reaching crisis point

  How to spot the signs and symptoms

  Non-judgemental listening skills

 Opening a dialogue with someone in need

 Signposting to professional services


The session finishes with a guided discussion by a train peer support facilitator. Offering a safe and non-judgmental environment whilst encouraging open and honest conversation. We feel that this is where the true magic of mental health support happens. People supporting people, using their own journeys and life experience to help others. This has hugely positive impacts and is often all a person may need to find that release of pressure before reaching crisis point which, more often than not, results in multiple lost working hours due to stress related sickness. Attendees to our peer support sessions often feedback with how the session not only helped them but also gave them a much better understanding of how to support their peers within the workplaces and their social networks also.