Our speaking, training and peer support packages are designed and delivered by a passionate and experienced team.

How can our courses benefit you?

Participating in our courses can offer numerous benefits to groups and individuals across a variety of roles and settings. Some of these advantages can include:

Increased awareness: Participants gain a better understanding of mental health issues, including common mental illnesses, their symptoms, and the impact on individuals’ lives.

Reducing Stigma: Our courses often address the stigma associated with mental health, helping participants develop more compassionate and empathetic attitudes towards those experiencing mental health challenges.

Early Intervention: Participants learn to recognise the early signs of mental health issues, enabling them to provide timely support and potentially prevent the escalation of problems.

Improved communication skills : Our courses teach effective communication strategies, enabling participants to approach and engage with individuals experiencing mental health challenges in a supportive and non-judgmental manner.

Enhanced confidence : By acquiring knowledge and skills related to mental health first aid, individuals often feel more confident in their ability to assist someone in crisis and provide initial support.

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Our approach is bespoke to you, we can support you in any and every way you require. We can work around shift patterns and staff/volunteer availability and Tough Enough To Care brings the training to you, whether it be at your premises, a local meeting venue or online, our packages are flexible by design, to work around your busy schedules whilst making mental health training affordable and accessible to all.

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