Suicide First Aid (USI & Lite)

Suicide First Aid (USI And Lite)

SFA Lite (Half Day)
Max 25 learners – £1000

SFA USI (Full Day)

Max 16 Learners – £1500


What does ‘first aid’ mean in this context?

Providing suicide first aid involves gathering the skills and knowledge to competently and safely intervene when a person is at risk. 

Just like medical first aid, the focus is on assessing the wider situation, using key skills and acting quickly and safely.

Course information

Suicide First Aid (SFA) is a course designed to teach you how to recognise people at risk, step in to help at the right time and provide helpful, safe assistance. 

When you complete our Suicide First Aid (SFA) course, you are en route to gaining the UK’s only national Suicide Prevention qualification.

No previous experience is necessary but participants will be asked to empathise with people having thoughts of suicide. Please consider if this is appropriate for you and your situation. 

SFA One Day course participants can go on to earn 6 QCF credits by completing an assessment workbook for an additional fee.

Our programme is evidence-based and interactive, covering both theory and practical skills. 

Key features:

  • Learn full suicide intervention – including different approaches, the process of suicide intervention and desired outcomes
  • Explore different roles for different people when managing suicide interventions
  • Improve alertness of risk factors and barriers to seeking help
  • Discuss the prevalence of suicidal thoughts/behaviours and examine community dynamics
  • Understand the importance of self-reflection and personal impact when dealing with suicide topics both professionally and personally.
USI – Understanding Suicide Intervention (One Day Full course) Participants learn and practice the skills needed to identify people at risk of suicide, and to competently intervene and help as a first aid approach. Accredited by City & Guilds. 
SFA Lite (Half Day) Introductory course. Gives learners knowledge and tools around understanding and recognising suicide risk factors. Discusses basic skills to help someone with thoughts of suicide to stay safe.