TETC Staff Team

Tough Enough To Care Staff Team

Stu Bratt - Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m Stu, the founder, chief pot washer and senior volunteer nagger for TETC. I started Tough Enough To Care in 2019, following the loss of 2 friends to suicide within 4 days of each other.

They were not from the same friendship circle, meaning these were 2 devastating losses with no connection. It was from the pain, sadness and burning desire to understand ‘WHY?’ that I decided something had to be done to prevent anyone else feeling that their only option was to take their own life.

Since then, I have thrown myself headfirst into supporting others and through my own lived experiences, accredited training courses and self-study, I have gained a knowledge and understanding of mental ill health that I feel has given me the tools to help and support others. I now pass on this knowledge through public speaking, motivational talks and by delivering various mental health training courses to the corporate sector, community groups, non-profit organisations and grass roots sports clubs, all on behalf of Tough Enough To Care.

I have played rugby my entire life, served in the RAF for 7 years where I completed successful operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan and since leaving the military have worked in construction and engineering trades, so I have seen how the ‘man up’ culture has sadly driven people to bottling things up and not dealing with their feelings.

Now is the time to talk about mental health, in fact, there has never been a better time than right now. Reaching out will be the hardest but most rewarding step you will ever take on your journey to mental well health, whatever you see that as being.


Alex Harrison - Chief Development Officer

I have worked in quarrying and construction industries for over 25 years; I have also trained in Martial Arts and played Rugby for over 30 years.

I have not only seen how male dominated environments have been a key factor in men not being able to open up and ask for help and support, I have experienced it myself and have been in very dark places with my own anxiety and depression. I was lucky and found Tough Enough To Care when I needed help and support the most and my relationship with TETC and my journey has developed to be able to support others struggling with their mental health and in my small part be able to help remove the “man up” stigma and culture surrounding men’s mental health.

I am the project development lead, which includes making new connections with other organisations and business’ as well as working closely with Stu to develop new and interesting ways to raise awareness, get people talking encourage positive conversations around mental health.

I also facilitate the Wirksworth peer support group and provide support for others outside of the group who can’t make it to our weekly meet ups.

Vicki Wootton-Champion - Head of Fundraising and Marketing

I have worked in the charity sector for many years and I’m passionate about making mental health support easily accessible for everyone.

Having lived with severe eczema for most of my life, I have experienced some debilitating lows and know the (sometimes lifesaving) difference that simply talking can make to your mental health.

I am humbled to be a part of such an incredible team of staff and volunteers that are facilitating those opportunities for others and who are helping to break the “man up” stigma.It is so important that we make asking for help feel okay for those who need it.

My role involves creating and implementing fundraising strategies, cultivating relationships with donors, and identifying new funding opportunities. Additionally, I oversee all marketing efforts to promote the charity’s brand and impact.