Peer Support Facilitators

Tough Enough To Care Group Facilitators

At the heart of our organisation lies a group of dedicated and compassionate individuals who serve as our support group facilitators.

Week after week, they bring their warmth, empathy, and understanding to create safe spaces where individuals can find support. Without these amazing individuals, our weekly peer support groups would simply cease to exist. 


Andy Monaghan

About: I grew up in Scotland and left when I was 21. I’ve been living in England since 

Why do you support Tough Enough To Care? I have  had battles with my own mental health. I believe Tough Enough To Care do amazing work with people who are having their own battles and offer some amazing support.

Favourite hobby: Rugby

Favourite takeaway: Indian


Claire Cooper

About: Married to Aaron Cooper who is also a volunteer, mother to a 22 year old daughter. I love animals of any description and music. 

Why do you support Tough Enough To Care? I have had issues myself with mental health and know how important it is to address things and help others.

Favourite hobby: Running

Favourite takeaway: None

Martin Robertson

About: I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

Why do you support Tough Enough To Care? Because I want men to know they matter.

Favourite hobby:Cycling,Driving,Travelling

Favourite takeaway: Pizza 

Karen Dainty

About: I moved to the West Midlands from Glasgow 29yrs ago, to be with my now husband Stuart. I have 2 grown up boys, one is a Vet Surgery Nurse and the other a Vehicle Technician at VW. I enjoy long walks with our 2 dogs, both rescue, one being a Greyhound.

Why do you support Tough Enough To Care? I support TETC, because I’m I feel that I can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Favourite hobby: Long country walks with my dogs.

Favourite takeaway: Italian and Dominoes.

John Taylor

About: I’m a retired school teacher who wants to help.

Why do you support Tough Enough To Care?  To help and support others.

Favourite hobby: Rugby

Favourite takeaway: Indian

Aaron Cooper

About: 43 achingly active 

Why do you support Tough Enough To Care? Because it allows me to use my experience to help others.

Favourite hobby: Running 

Favourite takeaway: Indian