Alex Harrison

I have worked in quarrying and construction industries for over 25 years; I have also trained in Martial Arts and played Rugby for over 30 years.
I have not only seen how male dominated environments have been a key factor in men not being able to open up and ask for help and support, I have experienced it myself and have been in very dark places with my own anxiety and depression.
I was lucky and found Tough Enough To Care when I needed help and support the most and my relationship with TETC and my journey has developed to be able to support others struggling with their mental health and in my small part be able to help remove the “man up” stigma and culture surrounding men’s mental health.

As part of my voluntary role with TETC, I facilitate the Wirksworth peer support group and i also provide support for others outside of the group who can’t make it to our weekly meet ups. I am also the project development lead, which includes making new connections with other organisations and business’ as well as working closely with Stu to develop new and interesting ways to raise awareness, get people talking encourage positive conversations around mental health.

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